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Kick off meeting!

The Kick off event, which was successfully organized by 6G- SANDBOX Consortium, took place in the Flemish town of Leuven, in Belgium on the 11th and 12th of January 2023. The 2-day hybrid event, was followed by representatives from 17 project partners from 8 European countries. The participants, had the chance to meet or e-meet each other, introduce their teams and their role at the project, while they followed all the presentations which got everyone on the same page and off to a great start!

The first day, Michael Dieudonne (Keysight), the Project Coordinator, opened the meeting and Pedro Merino (UMA), the Technical Manager, initiated the discussion on 6G-SANDBOX technical aspects. The meeting continued with more discussions on technical components made by partners during afternoon’s sessions. During the second day, and among other presentations, the 4 platforms (Athens, Malaga, Oulu, Berlin) of the project were presented by the partners in charge. Finally, the traditional group photo was taken within the last day. We thank all the participants for their presence and their commitment to the success of this project!